Foul Faux Photography Foisted on Facebook, Fwitter

Actually not Hurricane Sandy
Actually not Hurricane Sandy

No, not H.Sandy. Sourced in 2004 from, shot by photographer Mike Hollingshead

Warning: If you feel a sense of moral outrage over this perpetration, please take your anger out on a productive activity. Chop wood, lift weights, scrub floors. Do not beat your computer to a bloody pulp.

Earlier today, a trickle of slime began to pool in Facebook as some charlatans (who remain nameless), not content with the number of REAL PEOPLE endangered and in difficulty by the REAL STORM busting a gut against the East Coast of these United States of America, chose to foist faux photography of disasters both staged and past upon an already half-panicked crowd of onlookers.

Faux Photography Insults Real Trauma

Foul, I say. FOUL!  And here is the truth about faux photography: 11 Viral Photos That ARE NOT Hurricane Sandy

MSS is seriously out of sorts over this sort of foul play, and insulted that members of this fine species would stoop to such chicanery. For shame.

Much love to each of you. Without a doubt. Seriously.

Top Chef should turn down application from wanna-be cannibal constable

Gilberto Valle plotted kidnap, torture, cooking and eating women
Gilberto Valle plotted kidnap, torture, cooking and eating women

Gilberto Valle plotted kidnap, torture, cooking and eating women
Credits: Facebook

If you get a dinner invitation from this man, politely decline. Then run.

See, once upon a time, Mr. Officer Valle fancied himself a cook, as demonstrated by his statement that he’d cook these women over a low heat. Something like a slow cooker, I’d wager, and as any chef worth his salt knows, that’s the way to do it.

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Much love to you. I mean it. Honest.