Permissionless Rabid Viral Infectious Political Marketing Rant Part 1

telephone device for receiving snark

telephone device for receiving snarkThis afternoon, Mizz Snarkity Snark gets a telephone call, on the telephone, which was far too close to ignore. She answered it, just to quiet the annoying ringing sound.

MSS: Hello?

Telephone: (long staticky buzz)

MSS: Hello..?

Telephone: (whirr-click as recording starts) Good. Afternoon. Hello. I. Am. Calling. Today. To Ask You. To Vote in. The Upcom. Ing. Presid. ential. Elec-

MSS: (click)

There being no point to screaming into the telephone device at a recording device, Mizz Snarkity Snark decided to record her innermost feelings about this method of contact here for you, beloved reader of Snark.

Mizz Snarkity Snark (MSS) has placed her telephone device number on every Do Not Call list known to mankind on this planet and at least two others. MSS does not appreciate being called on the telephone for any purpose except to be given a goodly dose of snarky snark, gossip, rumor, dish, dirt or otherwise writeable opinion.

MSS wishes that politics should be left to the attention span of newts, gingrich and otherwise, and that any person unwise enough to enter the profession should be allowed to communicate with the general populace only by smoke signal and 100-dollar bills, upon which they may scribble their message and hand to a representative of MSS.

But of course love you for always. Seriously.