Glitter Arrested in Savile Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

Gary Glitter arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse in scandal

Bad Glitter.

Former glam rock star Gary Glitter was arrested in London today on suspicion of involvement in a 40-year-long child sexual abuse scandal along with BBC host Jimmy Savile. Glitter has a history of child sex offenses and was imprisoned in 2006 on those charges.

Why is he out again?

Over 400 leads in the Savile case are now being followed up by Scotland Yard. Glitter’s is the first arrest of a suspect in the scandal. Savile died in 2011 at age 84.

Mizz Snarkity Snark thinks there is but one punishment appropriate for those who are PROVEN to have participated in child sexual abuse: Life imprisonment.

There is no excuse. No “waahh poor me I was raised in an abusive household,” no “the devil made me do it.” No sniveling. No contrition. Oh, yes. No parole, either.

The child bears the scars for life. So should you. You do not have the right to offer excuses for harming a child for life.

Much love to each of you. Always. Except you, Gary Glitter.

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