More States’ Citizens Push for Secession

piecing it together

Putting things back together after a secession goes oops? Good luck with that.

The Un-Succession Era (2018-2021)

With nearly all of the former 50 state-nations reunited in purpose, historic acts were set in motion today as the New United States of America (aka NewSA) was brought into existence by popular vote.

Elections are slated for September 6 to select a new leader from the field of four candidates, three of whom have chosen to remain anonymous. The new leader will replace the Leader pro tem placed in office by a show of hands at the signing meeting, who has also chosen to remain anonymous at this time.

Since the new nation’s charter forbids the production of political ads and campaigning, debating and mudslinging are expressly forbidden, the new leader is expected to take his place at the St Louis Arch no later than Nov. 20, in preparation for the new Thanksgiving Black Friday blessing and gift exchange, to work on the soup kitchen service.

Remaining outside the fold of NewSA are the landmass formerly known as Washington DC (not invited back), Alaska (which has chosen to remain with its two new sister nations as a separate entity), and the Great Nation of Texas. Hawaii will be considered for future statehood, but the island nation did not get word of the restructuring until it was too late to attend.

Mizz Snarkity Snark will be quite content if the rumbles of secession quietly drop into the Cone of Silence that encompasses the Beltway. If one state is serious, get all 49 others just as serious, look inward, and fix what’s ailing ya.

Of course some systems are broken. They’ve barely been maintained for the past fifty years.

The above snarkity snarking is fiction. Please feel free to get irate, leave nasty comments, call your Congressperson, sign a petition for longer snow days — whatever floats your boat. MSS still thinks the whole secession thing is seriously out of control.

Much love to each of you. On this upcoming Thanksgiving, give thanks that we’re in a nation where we can gripe without being jailed or shot. 

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