Thanksgiving Day Blessings from Mizz Snarkity Snark

Mizz Snarkity Snark would like to wish you a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day, filled with wondrous presents, surprise visits from the Great Meleagris gallopavo* himself, and much American sports on the ray-dee-oh.

Remembrance of Thanksgivings Past

edible turkey

May the Great Meleagris gallopavo visit your household and bless your hearth this night. (Photo/Wallpapers)

MSS remembers the Thanksgivings of her childhood, as she and her family huddled around the floor console ray-dee-oh in the west parlor, listening to lilting bagpipes and tinny voices singing traditional Thanksgiving carols through the chilly air.

Three days before this festive event, at dawn’s first light, Father would don his best suit, white collar and pointed hat, and stride down to the shoreline. With the skill and dedication passed down to him from his father, he would spend hours selecting the perfect turkey to chop down with his well-honed lumber axe.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, her mother, the formidable operatic soprano Mrs. Gertrude Hildegarde “Bitty” Snark, would be whipping the downstairs kitchen staff into a frenzy of decorating, egg hiding, feather plucking and baking in a kitchen that would put most restaurants of the day to shame.


* Meleagris gallopavo is the Latin name for turkey.

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