Obama vs Romney Debate Dance-Off, Gangnam Style

Election Dance-off, Romney vs Obama

Election Debate Dance-Off, Romney vs Obama.
Settle this like real men: On the dance floor.


Romney Style Obama Style

Let the Debate Dance-Off Begin

Gentlemen (and I use the term loosely):

Your moderator is Mizz Lisabeth-Anne “Snarkity” Snark, blogger and social commentarian. Each candidate has two minutes to answer their targeted debate question, in the key of C. Each debate question will be followed by one-minute responses in the key of F or the key of B-flat. The audience has agreed to keep applause, booing, tomato-tossing, commentary and snickering to a minimum for the duration of this debate.

And may the oddities be ever in your favor.

Debate Disclaimer

Hi. I’m Mizz Lisabeth-Anne “Snarkity” Snark, and I don’t approve of either of these messages.

Much love to y’all, and do whatever it takes to get out and vote. Even if you have to swim.

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