Mizz Snarkity Snark's markIt’s humor, folks. It’s opinion. It’s comedy, it’s fun – it’s snark from Mizz Snarkity Snark. Fact check all day long, o ye of little comedic latitude. You won’t find a bit of resourceful truth within’t.

But – all seriousness aside – there are plenty of news sites and news magazines and gossip columns and tattlers who heist “fact” from discarded napkins and hide paparazzi under lampshades at the toniest of parties. Not this gal. No! No stalkers on staff here! No divers of dumpsters to retrieve the juiciest of trivia and discarded ham hocks.

I reserve the right to have my own opinion, and to express it without fear of lawsuit. It’s SNARK, wee child-brains. It’s not meant to educate. In fact, the only person it’s meant to entertain is moi.

Love you more than life itself. Totally not kidding. F’real.