Florida Early Voting Stymied by Governor

Florida Governor Rick Scott

Speaking of over-the-top conditions, Mizz Snarkity Snark stumbled upon an article this evening about Florida early voting residents having to stand in line for eight, ten, even 12 hours while Florida Governor Rick Scott dug his heels in and refused to extend early voting hours. No, MSS does not know why.

Florida Governor Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott, official photo. Wikipedia

“Let them eat cake” -? No, MSS is not saying Governor Scott said that.

Wasn’t early voting supposed to make it easier to vote?

Florida. Florida… isn’t that the same place that had that voting scandal that required counting bits of Chad and small amounts of Nigeria in an effort to move the inventor of the World Wide Web into some sort of national office? Didn’t he also invent climate change?

“… election meltdown…” Dan Smith, a political science professor at the University of Florida called it.

Mizz Snarkity Snark would sincerely like to know what Governor Scott’s motivation is in all this delay. Will keeping people from voting be inclined to change their minds about something—or won’t it just make them mad?

Is Scott, a Republican, looking for some last-minute sea change in election trends that won’t happen if too many people get the chance to vote before dinner?

Would a Democratic Party counterpart also be dragging his (or her) heels on moves that would facilitate and encourage people to vote early – and often!? Heck, some areas work very hard to facilitate voting—dragging folks from all sorts of locations, like cemeteries and county hall record offices, to vote for the first time in centuries. Why should Floridians be denied the same opportunities?

We Know Hurricanes. So We Know Early Voting

Now, of course, the nation is aware that the East Coast is still in crisis – and who better to know about natural disasters than Florida residents and their political leadership. This is, after all, the same Florida Governor who announced in a press conference in August 2012 that “We know how to deal with hurricanes.” Really? Then early voting facilitation should be a piece of cake.

One would think that Florida, of all places, would be sensitive to the need for people to vote when possible and while the windows aren’t boarded up with plywood.

Add to that the tendency of 78% of the elderly population driving as if the entire state were a school zone, and — well, it’s a strong statement for early voting facilitation.

Quick, Do Your Early Voting Before the World Ends

Besides, MSS has to wonder, if the Mayans are really keeping on schedule, would any of this be necessary? Wasn’t the world supposed to end on December 21, 2012? That being the case, is early voting really our hot button concern?

Naturally, MSS doesn’t have both sides of the story. MSS doesn’t even have every bit of ONE side of the story, as MSS has been on the other side of the continent throughout this whole voting foo-farraw, and isn’t even registered to vote in Florida—so why she cares is really a matter of some interest.

But even if she were, Mizz Snarkity Snark would have done her early voting by putting her ballot in its official absentee envelope, attaching first-class USPS postage at whatever exorbitant rate is being charged this week, and dropped her vote into the US Mail.

Much love to each of you. And hope you recover from that case of heatstroke quickly, and find your towed car soon.