America’s Got Deficit, 2013 Season Auditions

America's Got Fiscal Talent
America's Got Fiscal Talent

Has America got enough talent to balance the budget?

Since¬†Mizz Snarkity Snark just spent a most productive night watching the unwatched episodes of America’s Got Talent 2012, she’s got an idea.

Of course. When does she not have an idea, eh?

Next season’s AGT needs a special category. Heck with balancing chainsaws and juggling roaring motorcycles on your chin. Mizz Snarkity Snark wants to see someone come on stage and balance the Federal budget. Now THAT’s an act MSS thinks we should vote for!

Coming to a theater in a city near you. Soon. Honest.

Much love to each of you. Remember, it’s not great snark unless hot coffee is shooting out your nose.