Marijuana Losing Status as Evil Scary Gateway Drug

marijuana leaf

Marijuana became legal in Washington State while nobody was looking.

marijuana leaf

Marijuana leaf. Not oregano.

Mizz Snarkity Snark was tickled green to see I-502 pass while everybody was shouting about all the big ticket ballot items like Obama versus Romney, Ryan versus Biden, FEMA versus Big Bird, paper versus plastic.

Legalizing marijuana is the end of civilization, said nobody, anywhere, ever.

Medical Marijuana Users May Lose Quite a Few “Best Friends”

What astounds MSS more than how long it has taken to legalize pot -somewhere- is how many purportedly broke governmental entities had not figured out how to monetize marijuana already.

A dozen wars could be funded by taxes raised on the backs of the pot industry. (Although just how many people would actually feel up to going off and fighting them is a question for another day. Duuude. Fight..? oh nooo, we don’t need to fight, dude.)

Save Oregano Harvests

Proactive education will lead to informed consumers who will no longer be at risk of getting caught with their rolling papers full of the wrong sort of ‘herb.’ Those who used to make a healthy living off selling lawn clippings to the neophyte marijuana-wannabe consumer will find themselves laughed off the street corner.

Legitimize Marijuana Cottage Industries

No longer will furtive growers have to hide their crops in national and state parks, and there will be no more call to have to sneak their harvest out on dangerous midnight “hay runs.”

There will, of course, need to be a new take on impairment laws, dependence counseling, a whole new spider web of help lines. New cautionary tales and urban legends will need to be made up, vetted through and spread appropriately.

But MSS is sure there are eager ready-to-be-employed persons up for the grueling task. There’ll be taxes and regulations to write, new lecture circuits to plan, a major shift in acceptance to orchestrate.

Billboards to deploy. “True Facts” pamphlets to write and distribute. School campaigns to choreograph. Quality assurance testing!┬áTourism to manage and monetize!

Of course, MSS speculates wildly and has no idea what she’s talking about.

Much love to each of you. Stay thirsty, my friends.