The Truth about the Electoral College, Weed

electoral college explained

After so much divisive press and political chum on the shark-infested waters, Mizz Snarkity Snark is glad for a wee bright light in the post-election storm clouds.

Here, therefore, without further interruption, is the New York Times’ video guide to the Electoral College’s true impact on election results.

Stay Tuned for New, Even More Topical Snark

MSS promises to be back with typical topical acerbic wit — or half wit — before you run out of post-election kettle corn.

Needless to say, there will be plenty of snark to go around. Except in Colorado, where in a stroke of governmental genius, someone got marijuana onto the ballot – and it won. Is anyone taking bets on the population increase in Colorado next year? Housing starts? Employment rates?

Ganja Legislation, Meet Junk Food Reform

Nobody seems to have thought to combine this electoral magic with a balancing legislation pertaining to junk food. Can’t get too close to that perpetual motion machinery. No sirree. Bob. (Pass me those Fritos, dude. I’m STARving.)

MSS is not going to even try to explain that one, although she will not hesitate to cite a few of the hundreds of “Rocky Mountain High” jokes floating around at the approximate altitude of some of its smokers.

Much love to each of you. Thank you for not slaughtering each other in the post-election fog of war.