Fashion People Dicks, Toronto Writer after Plus Size Show

One of the plus size styles from Allistyle at Toronto Fashion Week
One of the plus size styles from Allistyle at Toronto Fashion Week

One of several gorgeous plus size styles from Allistyle

Hold Mizz Snarkity Snark back before she leaps over several rows of audience members at a plus size fashion runway show and throttles the next person who snickers at a plus size model. How rude. How utterly stone thy soul, sir or madam. How dare you.

MSS refers to the Toronto Fashion Week incident observed by writer Kevin Naulls, who reported on Monday in the Toronto Standard that he heard an “outbreak of giggles” and that people were “rude, dismissive and even laughing at the models.”

Here, a direct quote from Mr Naulls:

No, the clothes weren’t couture, but the show was special. It was a platform for plus-size fashion in Canada, and it was an outlet for the designer Pam Shainhouse. Shainhouse started the company in 2006 because her daughter Alli was suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that made her weight fluctuate. Alli has since passed away, and her legacy lives on at Toronto Fashion Week. Except, for some of the front row at this packed show, it was a joke. One gentleman spent the entire show laughing and hiding his face from the photo pit with his line sheet, while others exchanged barbs privately and cackled audibly. Even four different people were overheard talking about how poorly the women walked because they were bigger women on high heels. Jesus. (read the rest of his article in Toronto Standard)

Though Naulls’ article was not entirely well-received — some commenters felt that he was tarring “all fashion people” with the same brush — MSS is grateful that Kevin put his observations in writing.

So a hearty thank you to Kevin Naulls, and a hearty stiletto to the instep of those who choose to denigrate fashion that is worn by possibly a majority of females over the age of 18, at least on this continent and possibly across the Atlantic as well – OR the models who model them – OR the people who buy and wear them.

Giggling at Plus Size Earns a WTF Award for “Anonymous

The November 1, 2012 “WTF Were You Thinking” Award goes to the giggling, laughing, face-hiding anonymous gentlemen referred to in Kevin’s article.

Much love to each of you – and to Kevin Naulls, and to each and any of you who stand up and object to rudeness.