Disaster Relief Spending Immoral per Romney

Disaster spending immoral

While Mizz Snarkity Snark is not above taking the occasional soundbite out of context in order to make a point, there was no need today when, upon stumbling over this gem of an outtake in Grist.org, MSS discovered that Not-yet-Prez Romney stated today that Federal disaster relief spending is “immoral.”

Disaster relief spending immoral

Disaster relief spending immoral? Do presidential campaigns qualify as disasters? If that’s the case, MSS would agree. That’s immoral.

… What are we doing that we don’t have to do, and those things we’ve gotta stop doing. Mitt Romney @ on CNN 10/30/12

What HO! Surely Mr MR cannot be referring to the current state of the East Coast of these United States of America, mid- and post-Sandy, as unqualified for federal disaster relief. Perhaps he was banking on a few million voters being without power when he made this statement, so they would not be influenced to vote for The Other Guy.

Every time we have an occasion to take something from the Federal government, and send it back to the States, that’s the right direction. And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better. Romney @ on CNN 10/30/12

NJ Sez: Please Send Some Immoral Disaster Relief ASAP

Let us ignore for the moment that several of those State levels to which Mr MR proposes sending that are teetering on the edge of imminent bankruptcy and diminishing tax potential.

Let us also ignore for the moment the number of private sector entities sitting without power at this moment within the teetering walls of New York City and could probably use some disaster relief themselves. ¬†Wait. Let’s not ignore that.

Please note that MSS is not engaging in, nor offering to engage in, political debate. Recognizing the horror of that statement in the wake of Hurricane-Tropical Storm-Post-TS-Superstorm Sandy is not political. It’s humanitarian.

Much love to you all. Stay dry, stay warm, stay well.