Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Split, Dog Custody Limbo

the world is ending
Justin Bieber holds up models at Victoria's Secret show

Justin Bieber holds up two exhausted models after their grueling appearance at the Victoria’s Secret show (Credit: Zimbio)

After two years of dating, Justin Bieber, 18, and Selena Gomez, 20, call it quits, according to close sources comprised of half of Twitter. Speculation runs rampant over the cause of the breakup, with some rumor sources citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’

It is completely coincidental that these rumors came to light after Bieber was spotted at The Lion King on Broadway in the same city as  a group of people including Victoria’s Secret model, 19-year-old Barbara Palvin and possibly a few hundred other people that Justin Bieber is not dating.

Mizz Snarkity Snark believes the breakup had more to do with the fact that  they’ve been dating for two years, and they’re both basically teenagers. Hello…

Interview Clues from Justin Bieber Sept 2010 Interview

“The Internet is not just Canadian; it’s not just American – it’s world wide,” Bieber pointed out in reference to being called a member of the Internet Generation by mojo.com . ” – I have international fans. Like I have fans in Brazil and, like, Austria, and, like, little places that I’ve, like, never heard of before.”

“How do you see yourself evolving as an artist as you get older?” – mojo.com

“I mean, I’m gonna get taller, grow a mustache…” – the biebster

Celeb, Twitter Crowd Comments on Bieber Breakup

the world is ending

We’re doomed. Justin Bieber is breaking up.

“hey everyone. please calm down. he is all yours!! :) please :)” – Barbara Palvin

“OMG the world is ending!!!!” – Brandon Cyrus

“Who?” – anyone over 40, everywhere

Oh, stop it. He’s a mere lad, with lamentable hair that’s either falling down or falling up, and a voice that’s probably changing even as we speak. Give the poor boy a break and let him date someone in peace—or break up with someone with some level of privacy.

The custody part is who’s going to get to take care of Baylor, the husky rescue puppy adopted in Winnipeg in October.

Much love to each of you. Remember when you were 18? Get back to me on just how fun breaking up was.