Ghost in the (Voting) Machine

suspicious voting machine behavior

What ho? Something or someone is sending remote messages through our electronic voting devices? Mizz Snarkity Snark cannot claim to be completely surprised, given the vulnerability of anything more sophisticated than a piece of cardboard and a pencil.

suspicious voting machine behavior

Note where the finger is pushing. Note what’s highlighting instead. Video suspicious voting machine behavior.

But there it is, voting on its own and ignoring the will of its voter.

Voting Hackery or Electronic Quackery?

Could it be hacked, or could it be something as innocuous as a loose plug or a poorly seated battery? Or could it be the latest peek above the sandline of the existence of a great pervasive all-encompassing government corruption, a plot to take over our very cities and states—Godzilla-like, Hurricane Sandy-like, Joan Rivers-like— penetrating our souls and making us giggle until we collapse from sheer exhaustion!?

Ok, maybe not.

Much love to each of you. Don’t let a mere voting machine tell you what you think. Complain. Gripe. Get out a gum wrapper and write your vote!